No One Will Wear These Flats Anymore

Bobby Schuessler

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There’s a reason flats are must-haves in any woman’s wardrobe. Similar to heels, the perfect pair gives off a polished and sophisticated vibe but gets bonus points in the comfort department (sorry, pumps). While you may have a variety of styles in your arsenal, there’s one key style you may want to consider storing away as it’s on the decline in the trend world.

“The smoking slipper, that had a real moment, as well as the babouche for summer, are down-trending in general heading into 2019,” said Claire Foster, head of accessories and footwear at WSGN, the leading trend forecasting company. “Loafers and lace-up derby styles are taking over for winter, and slides and mules for spring 2019.”

Dan Bisson, editor of accessories and footwear at WSGN, echoed Foster’s statement. “The tailored loafer, in particular, holds its ground, still resonating the Gucci effect, but we are starting to see more Oxford styles up-trend as part of the overall smartening-up aesthetic,” he said.

Well, there you have it, straight from the experts. While it may be time to retire your smoking slippers, there’s a slew of just-as-sleek flats to try instead. To that end, we shopped out our favourite loafers, Oxfords, pointed flats, and mules to refresh your shoe wardrobe.

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