10 Looks That Will Have You First-Date Ready



Dressing for a first date can be one of the most daunting tasks. Even when faced with a closet busting at the seams, we’ve all had that experience where we can’t seem to muster a single look. You want to wow, showing him you’ve made an effort, but fear coming on too strong with a fussy cocktail dress that you don’t quite feel like yourself in. If there was ever a time to try your hand at high-low dressing, it’s now.

Now that summer is almost here and—frankly—we’re all much more excited to leave the house for a few more dates than we were during last season’s arctic chill (pajamas and takeout on the couch just sounded so good…), it’s time to slip into something a little more presentable. Whether you’re making a denim look more tailored with the addition of a statement blazer and whimsical heels, dressing up in a silk skirt and camisole, or slipping into a pair of low-top sneakers with your skirt-and-blouse look, we’ve got some major inspiration when it comes to first date outfits. Check out our favourite first date outfit ideas below and shop them for yourself, romantic evening or not!

What better confidence booster exists than putting together a stellar look? We're feeling more prepared already—how about you?

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