The Fine Jewellery Trends People Are Actually Buying

Allyson Payer

You've probably heard us rave about Anna Sheffield's array of stunning, unique engagement rings on a number of occasions, but today we're talking about her equally stunning fine jewellery collection.

As I've gotten older, investing in fine jewellery pieces that I'll have forever has become increasingly important to me, as opposed to only hoarding costume jewellery that may tarnish or break after a few wears. Sheffield is the designer that I repeatedly look to when seeking out the freshest fine jewellery trends, as she's constantly combining gemstones and metals in unique ways and reimagining the classics (e.g., pearls), turning them into modern yet timeless pieces that cool girls covet.

So you can probably see why Sheffield is who I turned to for the inside scoop on what fine jewellery trends people are actually spending their hard-earned money on as of late. As with any major purchase, educating yourself is key to choosing something that you'll love and wear for years to come, so read Sheffield's insight and shop corresponding pieces below.

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