The One Trend I'd Much Rather Wear Instead of Jeans (I Know)

best faux leather pants



Okay, I know there are plenty of people who will come for me when I admit that there's a fashion item even better than jeans, but hear me out. While jeans are definitely the backbone of my wardrobe most of the time, lately I've been putting them on hold for an item that's just as versatile, low-key, and cool as my beloved denim but are much fresher and more current, in my humble opinion. The trend in question? Faux leather pants. 

Leather pants have always been a winter staple in my book and I can't imagine getting through the season without at least one go-to pair, but as we move towards spring, my obsession is only growing. And I know I'm not alone, either. I have the intel that Who What Wear readers are buying the style in droves and based on my own Instagram feed, the fashion crowd is also with me here. So if you're ready to hop on the leather trousers trend, I've put together an edit of the best 23 faux leather pants I'm eyeing at the moment.

This nutty brown hue feels especially fresh.

The belt ensures these have a polished finish.

how to wear faux leather pants



Take a cute from the model and style this with an updated T-shirt and kitten heels.

You know it's legit when Zara goes all-in.

I can confirm that the pants every girl on TikTok wants really do live up to the hype.

These are cut from buttery faux leather that feels just like the real thing

Levi's made their best jean shape into a faux leather version—you know what to do.

The addition of pockets gives these a cool cargo-style feel.

faux leather pants



No one does faux leather quite like Nanushka, so consider these the holy grail of leather-like pants.

If you're feeling tired of black, this color is a refreshing alternative that's just as easy to wear.

outfits with faux leather pants



Non-black faux leather always looks so forward.

When denim brands make leather pants, you just know the fit is A+.

Tuck in a bodysuit to really let that waistline shine.

faux leather pant outfits



These were basically made for wearing with another big trend, second-skin tops.

See? These go with virtually every shoe style. Sneaker proof here.

Straight-leg fits are great and all, but it's these wide-leg versions that have really captured my attention.

Consider this my current uniform: faux leather pants, loafers, and a big blazer.

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