The Dress Code Is Chic—These 6 Easy Outfits Will Work

I like to go through a checklist when putting together a new outfit. First and foremost, it has to check the box of fitting within my personal style. I also like said look to be comfortable and, of course, chic. If your internal dress code also calls for chic, you’re going to be quite intrigued at what’s coming your way.

That’s right. I scrolled through outfit ideas I saved in my IG folder to bring you a range of outfits that are easy (involving just a few key pieces) and fashion-forward. You know, just in case you want to try something fresh as we head deeper into the New Year. The ensembles below run the gamut. There’s everything from a few more casual ideas if that’s your thing to dressier silhouettes featuring sharp tailoring picks.

Keep scrolling to check out six chic outfit ideas, complete with shopping inspiration.

6 Stylish Outfit Ideas That Are Easy to Put Together



A three-piece suit is about as sharp as it gets. It's also such an easy outfit idea when you want something polished. You just need to slip into the suit, add a pair of shoes, and you're done.

I'm all about this chic layered look. A sweater-vest teamed with an of-the-moment miniskirt is darling with a slouchy blazer and forward accessories like tights, white socks, a beret, and chunky shoes.

6 Stylish Outfit Ideas That Are Easy to Put Together



This is one of my go-to looks of the season, featuring a longline coat, straight-leg blue jeans, and a sweater tied around the shoulders for a dimensional silhouette.

6 Stylish Outfit Ideas That Are Easy to Put Together



Want to keep it impossibly chic and effortless? Go for this outfit. The longer trench with the white tee, jeans, and heels is absolutely no-fail.

This is another outfit idea I routinely go for with the shearling coat, oversize sweater, and wide-leg jeans.

There's something unexpected and quite elegant about this simple ensemble. The maxi skirt is fresh paired with a slouchy striped sweater and sneakers.

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