All the Fashion Things That Will Be HUGE This Year

Hannah Almassi

Excited for 2019? I am—now. Until I discovered that this year is set to be a game changer for Sagittarius (yay for me) and before researching the below people, brands, trends, and shopping ideas, I wasn't particularly psyched about what the next 12 months had in store. I was still in a hazy fog of mulled wine and family board games, desperate to escape for air and to uncover something new and refreshing. So, rather than go on a detox or completely change my aesthetic, I want to share with you what's going to shape the overall fashion outlook across the whole year instead—whether that's what or who you're going to chat about with your friends, the shopping habit you might start, the brand you'll want to save up for, or the lesser-known celebs you'll start following on Instagram.

Keep reading to see the fashion things that will influence the next 12 months, if not longer…

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