Here's Your New Instagram Fashion Addiction

Gina Marinelli

If you’re anything like this editor, you love nothing more than a social media distraction that appeals to both your love of fashion and your love of humour. For the past several months, a few of those favourites have come in the form of @everyoutfitonsatc and illustrator @jooleeloren. But the newest clever Instagram we’re following comes by way of @fashion_ouhlala, a seemingly under-the-radar account that can only be described as a trippy mix of runway looks, pop culture icons, and Photoshop.

We’ve seen similar Instagram formats like this in the past, but @fashion_ouhlala wins us over for its clever coupling of current designer collections and the fictional (sometimes nonfictional) characters who would wear them. For instance, there’s Daenerys Targaryen in an almost perfectly paired Alexander McQueen dress straight off the S/S 17 runway as well as nostalgic favourites like Pretty in Pink’s Andy or Saved by the Bell's Kelly Kapowski sporting Preen and Dalood S/S 17, respectively—in outfits, we assume, both of them would love if they were still a teen right now.

Consider this account a fun and welcome way to waste time for the fashion and pop culture obsessed.

Below, see some of our favourite funny mashups.

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