11 Fashion Items Inspired by My Favorite Netflix Shows

My love for TV is as immense as my love for fashion. (And I work in fashion, so that’s really saying something.) In my world, it’s inevitable that the two cross paths from time to time. In fact, some of my favorite Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu shows have even influenced my fashion purchases. Who knew binge-watching could cause so much binge-shopping?! We all have those favorite shows where we get completely immersed in the story, characters, and yes, the clothes. The costumes and outfits on a show can be just as enticing as the compelling plot line. To see what characters and shows have influenced my favorite fashion buys, keep scrolling (And put these on your watch list if you haven’t seen them yet!)

Rarely is Queen Elizabeth II ever seen without her top-handle handbag hanging elegantly from her arm, whether she's engaging with her sister, husband, or even the Prime Minister in the highly acclaimed Netflix show, The Crown. (It is said that the Queen even uses her handbag to send secret messages to her staff, indicating when she wants to move on from a conversation or leave an engagement.) Very handy! Whatever you use yours for, a top-handle handbag is the epitome of sophistication. Get your hands on these ones below. 

Set in a fashionable Parisian atelier in the late ’40s, The Collection is loosely based on Christian Dior’s New Look movement, set against a backdrop of scandal. The show oozes glamor, and if you love period fashion, this one is a must-watch. The cinched waists of the decade have me hankering for these flattering silhouettes below.

You either love or hate ’80s fashion, but after watching both seasons of Stranger Things, it may just encourage you to get some vintage Nike’s, high-waisted jeans and shearling jackets into your daily wardrobe rotation. 

The Marvelous Mrs. Mailel is a fashion feast for the eyes, and Midge (a housewife striving to be a comedian in ’50s New York) has the most incredible split-personality wardrobe with her uptown look of impeccable dresses and downtown look of mock turtlenecks and pedal pushers. But what really stands out is her colorful palette of bright magenta, royal blue, green, yellow, electric teal, and poppy red. I've been emulating her bright and bold wardrobe with these pieces below. (Plus, bright colors are having a major moment for S/S 18.)