The Biggest Fashion Mistakes Most Early 20-Somethings Make

Aemilia Madden

You open up Facebook page and a reminder instantly pops up: Here’s what you were up to seven years ago. Social media sites highlight the crazy-amazing years of your early 20s, but along with those memories come a reminder of the things you wore on all of your adventures. If you're like us, there were plenty of fashion moments that should have stayed in the past where they belong

Now that we're (hopefully) a little wiser, we've learned a lesson or two about the things that we wore (and still wear today). Our editors spilled the major mistakes of their early 20s, in all their hilarious, and sometimes awkward glory. Now, before you read them, say it with us: Never again.

Read on to check out what we had to say, then chime in on your biggest regrets in regard to fashion!

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