What I Learnt from Interning in New York City

Amanda Stavropoulos

Every year, Sydney-based collage The Fashion Institute, travels to New York City with a selection of lucky students, to go and experience what working in one of the world's biggest fashion capitals is really like during fashion week. The students are slotted in with different companies throughout New York Fashion Week—from Australian designers to public relations firms, and publications.

The result? Hands-on experience you'd struggle to land, without the backing of the collage. Interning is a vital step to landing a role in the fashion industry. No matter what role you wish to pursue, whether it's in publishing, public relations, or design, interning is the best way to get your foot in the door. Many notable designers interned before making the leap to launch their own labels (for example, Ashley Olsen interned at Zac Posen), and fashion editors almost always climb the ranks from intern (me included!).

Keen to hear what it's like to intern during one of the biggest events on the global fashion calendar? We asked Talia Phillips, student at The Fashion Institute, to give us a rundown on what it was really like. Read on!


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