The 8 Fashion Items I Embrace in My 30s

Judith Jones

Here’s what I realised when I transitioned from my 20s to 30s. As I personally matured in everything from my world views to my career and relationships, I also matured in my style. Slowly I started feeling more confident in my skin. I stopped trying every trend under the sun and instead chose silhouettes that I felt comfortable and strong in. I stopped wearing jewellery that turned my skin green. I gave into the fact that I’m just not a crop-top girl—and that no matter how much I love skyscraper heels, they’re just not practical for walking around the city all day. I started to invest in quality items instead of cult trends.

This is not to say that in your 30s, you have to stop having all fashion fun. On the contrary, I love playing with pops of colour and vintage finds or a striking silhouette. But I refuse to wear anything that I feel even slightly uncomfortable in.

We all evolve in our style as get older, but the fashion items below are the pieces I have embraced with open arms as I’ve come into my 30s.

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