After Two Years at Who What Wear, I Can Safely Say I'm Retiring These Pieces

I started my job at Who What Wear right after I graduated college on my 22nd birthday. (Yes, my first day was actually my birthday.) It was my first foray into the post-college "real world," a leap that I was really excited to make. Though I often feel the need to defend my youth, I think in this particular situation, it worked to my advantage. Why? It was a completely blank slate. I took everything in at the office, learning from anyone and everyone and getting inspiration everywhere. My style has evolved so drastically within my two years at Who What Wear that it would be impossible not to recognize the drastic differences. Naturally, a transition from college to the working world was always going to be a shock, but working here has shaped not only my path of adulthood but also my style. I went from see-through T-shirts and leggings to straight-leg jeans and chic accessories, retiring sorority sweatshirts for leather jackets and gym shoes for ankle boots. It's been a total style overhaul.

Below, I'm calling out the pieces I've retired from my wardrobe over the past two years and what I've replaced them with instead. Because sometimes it's important to make upgrades.

Shop my newly sophisticated style below.

What I'm Retiring: Sloppy Pajamas

It's a tad embarrassing to admit this, but until recently, I still slept in old leftover baggy sorority T-shirts. In an effort to fully embrace adulthood, I started investing in pajama sets a few months ago, and now I'm obsessed. I'll take a good pajama set over a baggy tee any day. Below are some of my current favorites.

There's nothing classier than an all-white pajama set.

If you're looking for a lighter, summery option.

What I'm Retiring: Worn-Out White Tees

I used to have about eight of the same white Reformation tee that I rotated into my outfits daily. Don't get me wrong; it's a great tee, but I've realized that a worn-out white T-shirt is not the key to an interesting wardrobe. Instead, I've started swapping them for standout graphic tees, with everything from vintage band tees to tie-dye and logo tees.

I love Anine Bing and especially love this tee.

What I'm Retiring: Leggings as Pants

Athleisure used to define my style, but as I've gotten older and more in tune with style over comfort, I've retired my daily leggings and switched over to on-trend jean styles. Right now, I'm loving straight-leg jeans because not only are they comfortable, but they also go with pretty much everything.

I highly recommend Ref jeans if you haven't tried them yet.

What I'm Retiring: Crossbody Bags

I think I carried the same crossbody bag all through college. While it's a practical style, it's just not as fresh as I'd like. Now I like to invest in bags that add a little extra something to my outfit, and this season it's mini bags. Between tortoiseshell, mock croc, and rattan, there are endless mini-bag options right now, and I'm loving pretty much all of them.

This bag makes me really excited for spring.

What I'm Retiring: Mini Tops

It seemed like there was an unofficial competition (at least among my friends) on who could wear the teeny-tiniest top for a night out. As much as I loved those times, I can safely say I've retired that mindset and have instead moved on to more sophisticated necklines and pieces to wear on the weekends.

This square neckline is perfectly sophisticated while staying chic.

I love the subtle ruffle detailing.

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