I'm Really Jazzed About These 9 Things I Just Bought

Anna LaPlaca

I shop all day for a living and believe me, it's both a blessing and a curse. Since I'm constantly reporting on the newest arrivals and latest trends to hit the market, I've become acutely aware of the holes in my own closet—and much more likely to jump at the opportunity to make a new purchase that fills them in. I'm not a perfect shopper, though, and just like anyone else I, too, succumb to my fair share of impulse buys along with more thought-out investment purchases. Impulsive or not, I've recently added nine new items to my wardrobe that I'm so excited to share with you here.

My style is an eclectic mix of vintage and new and I have a penchant for edgier styling ideas which means that you'll find a good mix of both statement and casual pieces. From bright sweaters that command attention to fun accessories like delicate pearl hoops and glam crystal earrings, the items run the gamut, but have equally won me over. Ready to see which shopping picks this fashion editor is just over the moon about right now? Keep reading to shop nine of my newest fashion acquisitions and see how I've styled each of them.

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