We Describe Our "Perfect Outfits" in 3 Memes

Lauren Eggertsen

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What's the voice of our generation, you ask? Memes, obviously. Admit it—how many times a day do you send, receive, or chuckle at a meme while scrolling through various forms of social media? The reason we love these generational satires is that for whatever reason, they are always weirdly and extremely relatable. While, yes, memes can be globally relatable, it's their surprising intimacy that's most attractive. How is it that a fragment of a sentence on an obscure photo can generate so many personal feelings? In short, memes make us feel seen.

While chatting about our perfect outfits here in the Who What Wear office, my wheels started turning… I knew we could each find a few memes that somehow describe the inner workings of not just our ideal ensembles but our mindset behind each as well. Sure enough, my co-workers and I went on an internet bender to find the memes that best described our personal style, and I'm pretty impressed with the outcome if I do say so myself. 

I know you all don't know us on personal levels, so let me assure you that the meme selections from each of the Who What Wear editors below is spot on. Humour, personal preferences, and fashion-girl wit are written all over their choices, and we have a feeling you'll relate to most, if not all, of the memes ahead.

Hopefully, you learned a little more about each of us via our silly meme selections. We might all work at Who What Wear, but we sure do have our own style preferences, as should we all.

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