Top Fashion Bloggers On How Their Blogs Have Changed Over Time

Jessica Schiffer

I recently wrote about why style blogs are not what they used to be, citing their common expansion into full-blown media platforms curated by larger teams as evidence of how much things have changed. Lately I've found myself nostalgic for their humbler origins (usually involving quick outfit photos and off-the-cuff personal details) but, like I said in the piece, I can't knock these bloggers for changing with the times, and for personally growing while at it. While much has been lost with their increasing success and popularity, much has been gained, tooincluding beautiful photographic spreads and covetable clothing lines. Curious to know what the bloggers themselves thought of it all, and the thinking that went into their transformations, I decided to go straight to the source...

Scroll down to hear what some of my favourite bloggers (Kelly Framel, Gala Gonzalez, Rumi Neely and Sabrina Meijer) had to say on the matter.

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