This Top Blogger Shares Her Timeless Styling Tricks

Jade Cottee

Here at Who What Wear Australia, we believe personal style should make you feel good and bring you joy. Case in point: dropping a month's rent on a pair of jeans might not seem practical, but when they're the missing piece in your wardrobe, sartorial bliss is increased tenfold. 

Jewellery is much the same—it might not keep us warm or dry, but boy, does it look pretty. (See the new collection from Swarovski for proof.) 

In the words of influencer Tanja Gacic, great style is about balancing fashion and accessories in a way that enhances each piece, while still making sense to you personally. 

And while the rules may be ever-changing, elevating your personal style with a classic trick or two can pay dividends on the happiness scale. With this in mind, we collaborated with Gacic to explore six timeless styling tricks you can apply to any look. Keep reading to learn three of her tips and to shop some of our favourite jewellery picks, then visit My Empirical Life for the full story. 

What are your classic styling tricks? Sound off in the comments below. 

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