24 Signs You Should Be a Fashion Blogger

There’s no doubt that living the fashion blogger lifestyle is definitely an intriguing idea—who wouldn’t want to be in beautiful photos, get gifted with amazing designer swag, and go on luxurious vacations? But just because the highlight reel looks great, doesn’t mean being a successful blogger is a cake walk.

This influencer lifestyle is no joke—it's a full-time job and then some. When portraying your life on social media is also your job, that kind of equates to your job being your life. Sounds daunting, but to some, that's the dream, and if you align with the kind-of-silly, kind-of-serious unofficial criteria below, you might want to consider turning that hobby of yours into a full-time thing. 

Scroll down for 24 undeniable signs you should be a fashion blogger.

1. You never pose the same way twice, and you strongly feel that looking at the camera feels too basic.

2. You have your own version of “shoe gazing.”

3. You photograph your breakfast just as much as you do your #OOTDs.

4. You know that the details are what really makes an outfit spectacular.  

5. A blank white wall is your best friend.

6. You take highly structured photos of every meal you eat, and throw in a pair of sunglasses for good measure.

7. You take a lot of selfies in fitting rooms.

8. Your dog is your favorite accessory.

9. You’re not afraid to accessorize your bikini.

10. You run in pictures. Often.

11. You exclusively wear giant headphones.  

12. You eat ice cream cones on a very regular basis. 

13. Your Instagram feed is filled with quippy, incredibly self-aware bits of fashion wisdom.

14. You literally reference Clueless on a daily basis.  

15. You lounge around reading books with your cat a lot, and you think that’s a total social media–worthy activity.  

16. You try very hard to match your nails to your outfit.

17. You see absolutely nothing wrong with chopping your head off in pictures.

18. Meals and outfits have one major thing in common: They’re better with designer bags.   

19. Contrary to the norm, whenever you get gifts, you feel compelled to take photos of them before you even open them.  

20. You really love a good hand party.  

21. If you have a drink with a friend, you prioritize posting a photo of the toast over imbibing.

22. You never met a gust of wind you didn’t like.

23. You’ve gotten really creative with your selfies.

24. You’re only interested in the most amazing of sunsets.  

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