French Women Use This Styling Trick for Subtle Sexiness


Collage Vintage 

While the rest of the world wear underwear for its sole purpose, French women wear lingerie. Is there a difference you may ask? A big one. It's been known that French women are confident in their own bodies, embrace femininity, nudity, and all things love and sensuality. Because French fashion is one of our favourite topics of discussion) we've picked out a styling trick French women regularity use—the detailed lace back bra.

There's something special about wearing beautiful lingerie; it can turn an ordinary day into a stand-out day, a good day into a great one. For a subtle hint of sexiness, a bra with a touch of detail to the back is just what you need in your wardrobe. Instead of limiting wearing your beautiful lace bras in the bedroom, embrace wearing your pieces everyday (even tease just a peek with the right top or dress) and see what difference it makes to your confidence.

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This special piece by Lonely uses a thicker lace with beautiful scalloped edges.

This delicate eyelash lace bra with a frilled racer-back is all things Parisian. 

Opening image: Collage Vintage 

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