The 10 Fall Basics You Should Buy From Amazon, Nordstrom, or H&M

To paraphrase a popular TikTok trope, if you aren’t buying your fall basics from Amazon, Nordstrom, or H&M, then what are you even doing?! For real though, when the season’s essentials are available on three of our favorite, most affordable, and most convenient shopping sites, there’s really no reason to look anywhere else—especially when I’ve already gone ahead and done all the work for you.

Below, you’ll find not only the top 10 fall basics worthy of your wardrobe but also the best version of each one from the three aforementioned retailers. Keep scrolling to get started and finally check all the essentials off your fall shopping list at once, from boots to button-downs to blazers and everything in between.

1. Sweaters

Who doesn't love a half-zip?

I love the fit of this—it's perfect for tucking in.

Cable-knit sweaters are a fall must.

2. Button-Downs

The men's section is where you get that perfect oversize fit.

Blue button-downs are always a distinct vibe.

3. Jeans

4. Boots

Call me biased, but these are the perfect winter boots.

Knee boots with lug soles are a must this season.

5. Blazers

Always start with a black blazer.

If you have room for a second, I highly recommend this beauty.

I like this oversize fit.

6. Cardigans

Don't worry—the dress is coming up soon, too.

7. Trousers

This taupe shade is so good.

The slits make all the difference.

8. Loafers

No, they don't have to be black.

These look so comfortable.

H&M's footwear is on point this season.

9. Knit Dresses

An option for any season.

10. Trench Coats

It's the small details such as these ties that make all the difference.

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