24 of the Most Interesting People in Fashion Share Their #1 Item

Kat Collings

What qualifies someone as interesting? For this author, it means someone doing something outside the norm. Whether that’s someone who is breaking boundaries, like Maye Musk, who has been modelling for a staggering 55 years, or someone who has crafted a career that is the stuff of fashion dreams, such as Instagram’s Director of Fashion Partnerships, Eva Chen. People who have influence in the fashion community like Kimberly Drew or Candace Reels, but more closely identify with the art world or activism. Image-creators like Karla Welch who are styling looks that have the power to instantly change the landscape of fashion. The entrepreneur multi-hyphenates who are styling, consulting, and writing all while making our social feeds a more inspiring place. It’s an impressive group that we could ask a million questions of, but today we have just one: What are you buying next? Ahead, the #1 pick that’s gracing the shopping carts of fashion’s most interesting people.

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