7 Shoe Styles Every Woman Should Add to Her Closet

Allyson Payer

We'd be hard-pressed to come up with many things (sartorially speaking) that are more exciting than the arrival of new season shoe styles. And trust us when we tell you that  they're really good this year. We scoured the A/W 16 runways (we're in the opposite season, so that's what arrives in-store for the Australian spring) and the new arrivals from some of your favourite retailers to find the footwear everyone will be wearing in a matter of weeks.

We narrowed it down to seven must-have shoe trends, but not to worry—we're not saying you should go out and purchase eight pairs of shoes at once! Choose the right ones to invest in based on your personal style and wardrobe, but don't be afraid to take risks. For example, those feathered shoes that you don't think you can pull off are actually more wearable than you think, and could add a major dose of directional style to even the simplest pieces in your wardrobe.

We searched high and low to present you with the coolest options for each footwear trend, settling on a whopping 21 pairs of new shoes for you to choose from (and start wearing before all of your friends).

Keep scrolling to see them in action on the runways and shop them all at a variety of price points!


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