7 New Trends You Should Start Wearing Now

Kristen Nichols

Kristen Nichols

When it comes to fashion, there are more than a few trends we’ll be wearing next season. But you don’t have to wait try out some of the most exciting silhouettes. You can start wearing them now by mixing them in with some of your current staples. That means taking your favourite T-shirt, pair of jeans, and summer mules and adding some brand-new pieces into the mix.

To point you in the right direction, I handpicked the best of fashion from online retailer Spring. Among the items I’m predicting will be huge next season are ornate puffy-sleeves tops, kittens heels, and plaid blazers. Want to see the other styles that you’ll be seeing every fashion girl wear next season (or maybe even now)?

Go on to shop seven of my favourite trends for next season and see more on Spring.

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