These 5 Trends Are Slowly Dying

Lauren Eggertsen

Collage Vintage

Predicting and anticipating new trends is something we love here at Who What Wear. Whenever fashion week comes around, we can't wait to decipher which trends will be replacing the ones that have grown near and dear to our hearts in the coming season, and I have a few predictions of my own for winter 2018. Before we get into which trends are "slowly dying", as I like to put it, I want to make myself extremely clear—the trends I'm deeming "on the way out" are trends that we saw get a lot of hype in the past few seasons, meaning their life span is naturally going to be slowing down as we approach a fresh new season.

If you are obsessed with any of the styles I called out below and wear them frequently, that doesn't mean your sense of style is wrong by any means. I give you this information purely from a runway investigation standpoint. Fashion continuously goes through cyclical shifts implying that one trend will almost always be replaced by something new the following year. In case staying on top of these things is your jam, check out the five trends I feel are slowly on their way out as we approach F/W 18. Want to know what's replacing them? I listed that for you here as well. According to the runways, this season is looking pretty damn chic if I do say so myself. Ready to see what the next season has in store?

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