These Are the 4 Staples You Should Always Have in Your Fall Wardrobe

When it comes to shopping for myself, while I do love to snag an out-there trend here and there, I mostly stick to staple pieces that I know I'm going to wear again and again. I'm all about styles that can be paired with various items in my closet, that can be worn in many different ways, and that will continue to remain just as cool as they were the day I bought them. (I've cringed too many times looking back at old photos of outlandish outfits.) And I'm not alone in this sentiment. My boss, Natalie Cantell, says that this season, she's reinvesting in classic wear-on-repeat items, including ribbed tops, straight-leg jeans, versatile layers, and leather loafers. Want to hear a little secret? She's snagging all of these pieces from EVEREVE. She sent me photos of some of her finds, and after popping onto the site, I accidentally found even more great options. Want to take a look? Keep scrolling to see the fall essentials I'm declaring wardrobe staples.

Fall Staple #1: A Good Layering Piece

Though I'm freaking out over how chic Cantell looks in this forever-cool moto jacket, a good layering piece is not limited to one style. It can be a cool blazer, a shacket, or a jean jacket—just something that keeps you warm and stylish at the same time and is easy to dress up or down. I like to look for neutral colors and heritage prints (I'm personally the queen of beige) so I don't have to think twice about whether it works with my outfit, especially if it's a last-minute addition. 

Fall Staple #2: A Modern Take on Loafers

While loafers are always a classic, they're definitely having a moment this season. They're a footwear trend to note. I'm seeing them in all iterations, from chunky lug soles to slipper slides. They're effortlessly elevated (especially when some statement hardware is involved), and I love that they encourage us to embrace the bare-ankle look before it gets too chilly. Jeans, a blazer, and loafers make up the go-to uniform that we editors embrace every fall.

Fall Staple #3: A Cardigan to Wear as a Top

Cardigans take up 85% of my closet space in the fall. (I truly can't stop buying them.) Some are made of heavier fabrics while others are lightweight (I do live in Los Angeles), cropped, oversize—you name it. I pair them with everything from trousers to midi skirts. I'm currently obsessing over the fact that the one Cantell is wearing is actually a bodysuit (a godsend when you want to tuck your top into jeans) made of a ribbed fabric, which is currently a must-have for fashion people.

Fall Staple #4: A Classic Pair of Blue Jeans

Tell me: Is there anything more classic than a pair of blue jeans? It's honestly hard to wear anything else once you've found the perfect pair. (PSA: EVEREVE's in-store stylists are experts at finding the perfect brand, style, and silhouette that will make you feel your best.) Cantell's all-time favorite denim style is straight-leg, and I'm right there with her. Straight-leg jeans simply refuse to go out of fashion, and Agolde denim, in particular, is highly approved by editors.

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