15 Ways to Wear Fall's Must-Try Shoe Trend

Every time the seasons change, there's at least one bold shoe trend worth trying out. Whether it's with suede sandals, PVC footwear, or kitten-heel boots, experimenting with your personal style is always fun. At the moment, though, the shoes we're betting you'll love no matter what is none other than combat boots.

These chunky, comfortable boots reminiscent of our favorite '90s grunge era will not only add an edge to your delicate fall outfits but also elevate your casual everyday looks. Need convincing? The inspiring 15 outfits ahead will help you to decide where these boots fit within your personal style.

Add an edge to your rainbow-colored sweater by finishing your outfit with a pair of combat boots. 

Who knew combat boots looked best when paired with floaty, floral dresses?

You can't go wrong with a black-and-gray color combo for fall.

Sometimes a pop of color paired with your trusty combat boots works just fine too, though.

Fall layers? Check. Combat boots? Check.

Go full '90s this fall with plaid pants, a quirky sweater, and combat boots.

No need to worry. Your combat boots will go perfectly with all your fall statement jackets.

Camouflage pants and combat boots: a classic pairing.

Monochrome looks are always a must.

For those fall days where you still can't decipher the weather, pair your combat boots with shorts and a classic trench. 

Everything plaid was made for fall—and to be worn with combat boots, of course.

This fall, get extra creative with how you layer.

Don't be afraid when it comes to styling different textures and fabrics. 

Sure, take your combat boots on a great getaway.

Sometimes keeping it simple and casual is best.

Stock up on combat boots now to start trying out all these creative ensembles as soon as possible. You won't regret it.

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