The 2018 Sweater Trend It Girls Can't Stop Wearing

You may have already noticed, but cardigans are having a moment right now. Perhaps it’s due to the resurgence of all things ’90s, but we have to admit that this is one trend we didn’t know we needed. Coming into spring, it's great to have a few cosy options in our wardrobe for those unexpectedly chilly days, but there's only so many ways to wear a turtleneck, and that's where cardigans come in.

Hear us out: Whether you style them buttoned up, open, or anywhere in between, the ease of the cardigan serves as a chic and practical layering piece, making it a natural staple as we transition into the spring. Plus, we love the variety of styles they come in: cropped, long, and oversized, to name a few. If that’s not enough, we’ve been noticing fashion girls bringing the style back to the surface, which means you’re about to see them everywhere.

To illustrate our point, we’ve rounded some of the coolest ways to wear them, straight from our favourite It girls. Check them out below. They’ll convince you to add one to your own wardrobe.

Trust us: These are not your grandmother’s sweaters.

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