5 Smart Ways to Tell the Difference Between Fake and Real Designer Purses

Adrianna Barrionuevo

When you're about to drop serious cash—we're talking rent money and beyond—on a designer bag, it's a serious matter. Not only must you consider the type of style you want, but it's also crucial to know how to spot an imposter—especially with counterfeit sellers on the rise. The folks at Racked put together a short and informative video on five signs to look for when shopping for the next addition to your collection. 

As the video emphasises, seeing your future purchase IRL is really important. Touching the bag to feel its weight and getting a close-up of the zippers and clasps can't be skipped, since plastic hardware can blow the cover of a fake, and so can the space between the zipper and the fastener. You'll want to inspect the inside, too. The text on the tag should be perfectly aligned and go across in a straight line—if it's slightly slanted, that's a no-no. Stitching is important as well; if there's a colour variance or frayed threads, it's a huge red flag. 

Another significant detail is the placement of the logo. Racked says, "The closer to the stitching, the better." Then there's the authenticity card. Did you know that not all brands issue one? "Do your homework," says the video, and check out the policy for each brand so you know whether or not to expect one. We have the video here so that you can see firsthand that spotting a fake is all about attention to detail.

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