7 Summer Trends I'm Breaking Up With

I think about trends a lot (it's my job, after all), but the truth is I'm quite picky about the trends I actually buy. The reason? The sheer number of outdated, "trendy" pieces I remove from my closet each season. Don't get me wrong—I still invest in plenty of trends, but I prefer to wait a bit before purchasing to see if said trend will stand the test of time (no one-season wonders for me), as I hate having to donate something I only wore a handful of times. But it happens, so before I add to my closet each season, I usually weed out the expiring trends that I know I'm done wearing (for the foreseeable future, at least).

For summer 2021, I've been busy shopping for bubblegum pink, baguette bags, longer shorts, and much more, so a closet clean-out was imperative. Scroll on to find out which summer trends sadly didn't make it into the "keep" pile and which ones sparked enough joy to stay.

Retiring: Super-Short Cutoffs
Keeping: Mid-Thigh Denim Shorts



I'm very happy to do away with my short shorts and replace them with pairs that are a little more modest. That said, I'm going for pairs that hit at mid-thigh this summer rather than Bermuda-length.

Retiring: Bandeau Bikinis
Keeping: Underwire Bikinis

There's a time and a place for bandeau bikinis (when you're going for those minimal tan lines, for instance), but every time and place is for retro underwire bikinis, in my opinion. 

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Retiring: Shell Jewelry
Keeping: Colorful Beaded Jewelry



I wore so much shell jewelry over the past few summers that I've amassed quite the collection. I learned from that mistake and am now diversifying my jewelry archive.

Retiring: Neon
Keeping: Bubblegum Pink

I gave the neon trend the old college try, but I ultimately decided it's a little too loud for me. Luckily, I predict that it won't be around much longer. Shades of bubblegum pink, on the other hand, are all I want to wear this summer.

Retiring: Simple Knit Dresses
Keeping: Slip Dresses



If I'm going to wear dresses this summer, I'd rather wear a versatile one. Even better, a '90s-inspired slip, which is a trend that continues to dominate. 

Retiring: Straw Bags
Keeping: Baguette Bags



I strongly believe that straw bags will always be a major thing again, so I'm not getting rid of all of them to make room for under-the-arm baguettes, but I'm certainly reducing my collection of the oversaturated bag trend.

Retiring: "Tourist" Sandals
Keeping: Cushy Flip-Flops



I didn't think I'd care for this sandal trend, but I've already bought two pairs (and counting). I still have a few pairs of sporty Velcro sandals, but these cushy thongs feel so fresh this summer.

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