If You Thought These 30 Zara Finds Were Designer, I Wouldn't Blame You

expensive-looking Zara clothing



It can't just be me—I had to do a double-take when I saw these Zara finds becuase they're just so stunning. Perusing the site's new arrivals is a weekly (if not daily) activity of mine and on my latest visit, I came across more than a few finds that actually stopped me dead in my scrolling tracks. While these pieces fall well under the $100 mark, I wouldn't blame you for assuming otherwise.

As a fashion editor, I have a keen eye for spotting expensive-looking details and since I'm always looking at designer clothing, I can easily spot those luxe details elsewhere. And the Zara pieces you're about to see below immediately reminded me of something I would see on a luxury retailer, whether it was a forward cutout detail, a buttery yellow-hued suit, or chic chain-embellished mules.

To see them for yourself and shop all of the expensive-looking items in my shopping cart, continue on.

Let's be real, when does a boxy blazer not look good?

I'm all about this expensive-looking color trend, too.

Bare backs are the "naked" trend you're about to see a lot more of this year.

Proof that a little cutout goes a long way.

Flip-flops are about to have another big moment this summer, and these padded slides are so "fashion".

I can't decide which I like better, the stunning draping or the rich color.

Sheer pieces can easily come off looking cheap, but this top (and its styling idea) look anything but.

Wear this underneath a big blazer for a very Jacquemus-inspired look.

Leather pieces that come in non-neutral colors have always felt so fresh to me.

Woven leather simply always looks luxe. I don't make the rules.

Just in case you like getting compliments on your shoes.

These shoulder straps are making me low-key emotional.

This whole set is just wow.

Shop the matching Gingham Pants ($40)

Midriff cutouts continue to be the star of spring microtrends.

Easy, forward, and versatile, these sandals have it all.

Like your favorite quilted coat, but spring-ready.

I'm getting '80s Miami Vice vibes and I'm not opposed.

A dress that only looks complicated.

There are plenty of leather shirt jackets to choose from right now, but the details here really stand out to me.

Have you heard? Slouchy bags are making their way back.

Stirrups are the next big legging trend. You heard it here first.

Admit it: your basic shirts were starting to feel tired.

Cutouts and lace-up ties? This top is a one-two punch for spring trends.

In the mood for *actual* designer buys? These hair accessories are on their way to internet fame.

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