The Biggest Engagement Ring Trend for 2016, According to Jan Logan

Everyone is familiar with Jan Logan—the jeweller is synonymous with Australian style and has spent the past three decades designing for the stars (like Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Watts and Rose Byrne, to name a few). Logan made an international name for herself creating covetable fashion pieces and has become a regular go-to for engagement rings.

In the spirit of engagement season, we sat down with Logan to discuss ring trends for 2016 and what to look for when buying a diamond. Keep scrolling to find out what’s in for this year.

Who What Wear Australia: What is your favourite style of engagement ring right now?

Jan Logan: My favourite style of engagement is a round, brilliant cut diamond surrounded by a fine line of diamonds.

WWW: What do you think the biggest trend in engagement rings?

JL: The classic solitaire is always on trend, however, there is movement towards a single wide ring set with round brilliant cut diamonds such as our Barcelona, Cienega and Wrap rings.

WWW: What should you look for when buying a diamond?

JL: When buying a diamond always seek advice on the four Cs, the cut, carat size, colour and clarity. Adhere to your budget and work within this framework to achieve the perfect stone for you.

WWW: What are the questions you should be asking your jeweller when making a purchase?

JL: Ask your trusted jeweller to explain the four Cs, how the stone is cut to give the diamond most reflection, the colour and clarity and size of stone are all equally important for you to understand your purchase.

What would you look for in an engagement ring? Share in the comments below.

Opening image: Photographed by Ali Mitton for The Lane and styled by Karissa Fanning.

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