3 Top Engagement Ring Designers on the Next Big Ring

Aemilia Madden


Engagement rings are an extremely personal purchase. Months of searching (and saving) can go into finding the one ring to top them all. That being said, there are certain styles of rings that manage to capture the attention of us all, and no one knows this better than the top engagement ring designers.

There was a time not so long ago when over-the-top stones and cushion cuts dominated, but these days many young couples are looking for something different. Below, we asked three designers to know about the engagement rings they see dominating the year to come. From splashes of colour to unexpected bands, it's all about making a ring choice that represents the happy duo. If that means something big and sparkly, we're all for it, but know that there are plenty of funky-cool alternatives too. Below, you'll find exactly what they had to say along with a chance to shop rings that fit the bill.

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