Emma Watson Wore the French Sneakers That Are About to Be Huge

Aemilia Madden

We've noted before that Emma Watson's fashion choices are inspiring not just because she has great style, but that there's a message behind her outfits of choice. She's partnered with Zady to create a sustainable line of clothing, and now, the actress is once again giving us major outfit envy, but with a special twist. Emma's sneakers are by one of our favourite indie brands, Veja.

The French line not only offers some seriously cool designs, but they're also committed to ethical production, something we're sure drew Watson to them. Veja uses eco and socially-friendly methods to produce footwear that you can feel really good about wearing. And to top it all off, the minimalist sneakers have a great price point too, so you'll want to pick up a pair now, (before you see them everywhere). 

Check out Emma's stylish and inspiring look below, and then shop a few of our favourite styles from Veja! 

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