If You Were Paying Attention, You Saw This Emma Roberts Project Coming

Adrianna Barrionuevo

It was only a matter of time before actress and avid reader Emma Roberts started her very own book club. The 26-year-old, who's known for posting her current reads on Instagram, announced the launch of Belletrist today.

"Good morning," Roberts captioned a black and white photo of herself with a book. "I'm so excited to finally share @belletrist with you! You guys know I love to read. I'm constantly posting what I'm reading and wanting to know what you're reading! So @kpreiss and I thought why not start a #bookclub where we can all read and discuss together in one place? Come read with us @belletrist." There aren't too many details on the club, but the Instagram page already has 16K followers and counting, which means all book lovers can get in on the action. The social media-based club will provide its members with monthly recommendations curated by Roberts in collaboration with Karah Preiss with the first book announcement coming tomorrow. We love a good OOTD, but we must say, we're excited to follow Emma Roberts's new Instagram endeavour.

Keep scrolling to read Emma's announcement and check out some of her previous reads.

Which recent read would you recommend for Emma's book club? Tell us in the comments and shop our bag pick to tote your books around.

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