Exclusive: Elliott Sailors Opens Up About Why Fashion Is So Important

Amanda Bardas

When it came time for Australian fashion label Talulah to shoot the campaign and cast a model for its latest collection The Power of Femininity, Elliott Sailors was the obvious choice. Today marks International Women’s Day, and the release of this campaign couldn’t come at a more fitting time. Elliott Sailors is a pioneer of the power of female expression—a true role model in what femininity actually means.

A few years into her career, Sailors decided to try her hand at male modelling. She explained to Huffington Post in 2013, “It started out as something I thought would be very cool and a great idea and kind of a revitalisation, not just of my career but of fashion and what’s possible”. Sailors would get frustrated early in her career because she thought she looked too masculine, so she took her career in a new direction, on her own terms, and opened up a worldwide conversation about identity and gender in fashion.

To celebrate Talulah’s latest campaign, we caught up with Elliott Sailors. Read on for her refreshing take on fashion.

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