I Just Lost My Makeup Bag—8 Items I'm Repurchasing and 15 I'm Excited to Try

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she has to throw everything out and start fresh. Mine came a couple of weeks ago when I carelessly left my makeup bag in the foyer of my apartment building not knowing that would be the last time we saw each other. Now, this moment could have easily devolved into my villain origin story, but I am choosing to take the high road and dive into all the possibilities of this new me instead. New makeup bag, who this? Separation has definitely made my heart grow fonder for the holy-grail items that I simply cannot live without, and as for everything else, I won’t settle for anything less than love. 

This time around, I’m going for a no-makeup makeup, fresh-off-the-beach look and buying multi-use products to get more bang for my buck. Below are the eight items I will definitely be repurchasing along with the 15 that come highly recommended by experts and I’m so excited to try. Keep scrolling to see how I’m going about assembling my new dream team of makeup products. You surely will not be disappointed.

Items I'll Be Repurchasing

I've gone through about 10 tubes already and have no intention to stop. This mascara lengthens like crazy and always has people asking me what mascara I'm wearing.

The color payoff is sublime on these Cloud Paint blushes. I love how glowy this shade makes me look. It's mood-boosting.

This may be a pencil eyeliner, but it does so much more. I use it to line my upper and lower eyelids and my lips too. It also works great as a super-precise nose contour.

This inexpensive brush is the only makeup tool you really need when you're on the go. I use it to stipple foundation, blend blush, and add setting powder, too.

I don't believe in spending lots of money on brow products. This little baby is thin enough to create mini brow hairs and is much more reliable than its liquid counterpart.

Excited to Try

Dewy is my vibe when it comes to highlighters these days. The light-reflecting shimmer is so small to make you look more lit-from-within. It's also packed with vitamin C and rose-hip-seed oil that helps visibly brighten and moisturize skin.

I saw someone try all of E.l.f.'s new lip tints on TikTok and have been intrigued ever since. These lip stains dry down matte and last all day without reapplication. Set it and forget it.

This is the most highly rated eyelash curler on Sephora by far.

As summer approaches, I'm excited to try this breathable formula as my daytime foundation. Plus, it's known to improve the appearance of skin clarity over time due to ingredients that protect the skin's barrier, including from the blue light emanating from your computer screen.

I am itching to play around with face jewels.

One of the only makeup items I'm happy to reapply throughout the day.

My ancestors passed down my dark under-eyes, for which I am grateful. For times when I'm searching for a more uniform look, though, I'm excited to try this Bobbi Brown corrector that counteracts the bluish-purple color under my eyes. Plus, it's sweat- and humidity-resistant, which is perfect for my lifestyle.

This Multi-Stick provides an allover blush to the face that looks so natural and healthy. 

The contour and highlighter shades in Uoma Beauty's Sculpt and Strobe Stick are specifically made to go together, so you won't have to worry about mismatched tones. I'm excited to incorporate this into my everyday routine.

I'm in my Mary J. Blige bag with this cream lip gloss. 

I've heard so many great things about this cream bronzer. It's known to melt into the skin to provide a natural sun-kissed glow. The shades offered are super warm, so they basically double as blushes.

Trying orange lipstick is on my 2022 bucket list. This matte-orange shade is the perfect accessory to pair with an otherwise minimalist look.

There's something about a powder bronzer that seals off a look like nothing else. Reviews say this baby from Anastasia provides a soft, buffed-out contour and stays for hours on end. Plus, it looks like the perfect shade for my summer skin.

I was wowed when I tried this blush by Espressoh. The clear balm reacts with the pH of your skin once applied and instantly changes into a dewy blush suited to your skin tone. A little bit goes a long way. It's basically magic. 

This setting powder is at the top of everyone's list for its instant blurring effects. 90% of people who tried it said that it doesn't settle into fine lines, which is my primary concern when it comes to my makeup these days, so I'm definitely giving this one a try!

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