I'm a Makeup Amateur, But These 3 Brands Fool People Into Thinking I'm a Pro

While it may take me what feels like hours to put together an outfit, I pride myself on how quickly I can do my makeup. I consider myself a makeup amateur,  but whenever I post a selfie or a quick video of my makeup on Instagram, I get an influx of DMs asking how I apply makeup or which products I used, so you could say, even in quick timing, I still do a decent job. Pre-COVID, I was the queen of doing makeup on the subway or in office bathrooms, so I have quite a bit of practice in completing a look in a time crunch and with minimal products on deck. I've even had a train conductor ask me how I could possibly put on liquid liner on a moving train, but I'm sure other commuters know that it becomes a coveted skill with time. 

While I love experimenting with new products, I'm a creature of habit. Once I find a brand that works really well for me, I end up mixing in more products from their collections into my makeup routine. There's a large variety of brands out there on the market, but the three brands below have been my go-tos for makeup that looks good but can be applied in under 10 minutes, which is ideal since I don't even want to wear makeup at all these days. If you're also someone who struggles with makeup but still wants to look like a pro, look no further than the options given below and thank me later. 

Rare Beauty

I'm quick to doubt celebrity lines, but Selena Gomez and her team seriously delivered. Her products are new to my routine, but I've already sung praises to almost everyone I know on how much I love her line.

I ended up convincing a few of my friends to purchase this a few days after I did. It's the perfect subtle blush but is still buildable. 

I'm not a fan of matte lipsticks, but this formula is on another level. The color is opaque, but it feels soft on the lips. The best part? It stays on without drying out your lips.

I stopped wearing eyeliner regularly after high school because I just could never find the time, but this one changes the game. I somehow get a perfect wing every single time. 

While I opt for a sponge for foundation, I prefer smaller brushes with concealer. The angle of this brush helps get proper coverage under my eyes and doesn't leave any creases, which is crucial with concealer application.

I've never been a fan of powder highlights, and this Liquid Luminizer gives the perfect added glow on top of your foundation.


Glossier was one of the first brands to come out with a variety of cream and liquid products that were easy to apply, and for that, I am forever grateful. The brand's approach to beauty is exactly how I go about my makeup routine, and I am a devoted fan.

I don't think I've worn powder eye shadow since I started having these on deck. The brown shade is my everyday favorite. I can easily apply and blend it, giving me an elevated eye look within seconds. 

If you haven't used the Boy Brow in your life, then where have you been? I have yet to meet a brow product easier than this. 

My skin tends to be on the drier side, so a hydrating concealer is a must. The coverage on this is light but buildable. Some days I just spot-conceal and wear this as is. 

Sometimes, I want a touch of shimmer on the eyes, and this makes it easy.

I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like this lip gloss. It's light, not sticky, and gives the perfect shine.


I was an all-time Colourpop fan in high school, and it's still a favorite for when I need easy yet fun products and want to step it up a little bit. (Just one look into its glitter section and you'll want it all.)

I always have this lipstick in my purse—I even bought two because that's how much I love it. 

As a makeup amateur, glitter scares me. But this shadow is perfect for when I want a little more glam. I just tap a little on my eyelid, and it packs a punch while also being easy to play around with. (It also looks good to brighten up your inner corner)

It's hard to find a brown eyeliner that actually shows up on my skin tone, but this one does with no problem. 

When it comes to makeup I'm a neutral girl through and through. These warm tones are perfect for everyday looks, and I love how there are subtle shimmers mixed in for more elevated looks.

Shop more of my easy makeup essentials:

When I wear this, it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing foundation. 

The most pigmented powder blush I've owned. 

This blends everything effortlessly. 

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