This "Boring" Trend Is Sweeping the Fashion World

Bobby Schuessler

Fashion people are known for going for it in the style department—they’re the first to test out a new trend and are unafraid to try something a bit different and out there. While we’re always down for a little peacocking (wearing the most extra look you can to get noticed), there’s been a resurgence of a more toned-down vibe among the street style set as of late.

Sure, the hype ensembles are still there (and if that’s your thing, live your life), but the more “realistic” outfits on fashion A-Listers are quite refreshing as they showcase clothes we can actually all wear in our everyday lives. Here, we’re talking fits like tailoring with simple T-shirts, sweater-and-trousers ensembles, and the like. Curious about what we mean? Keep scrolling to check out simple yet polished ensembles that can translate into your life, many of which involve pieces you probably already own in your closet. Plus, shop inspired must-haves if you’re looking to add to your arsenal.

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