Lazy Girls Who Still Want to Be Cute—Wear This

Lauren Eggertsen

If waking up each and every day proves to be a difficult task, then chances are that getting dressed does as well. I, for one, couldn't be further from being a morning person if I tried. By the time I have to pick out my daily ensemble, I am still grumpy from the alarm that went off 30 minutes ago. Does this result in an aesthetically pleasing look? It does not. If you relate in any way to my first-world problem, I have a one-step solution for you that will save your "lazy" self both time and energy—matching sets.

This season, matching sets are not only completely on-trend, but they ensure that you can get ready in basically two seconds flat. Think about it—you already have a matching top and bottom. All you have to do now is throw on some shoes and maybe a coat and you'll be out the door. So maybe mornings aren't your thing, but now, looking put together despite that can be. Whether you have five minutes to get ready or are one of those people who like to seize the day, matching sets are proving to be the easy outfit you need in your life. Below shop my personal favourite selection of matching sets, including everything from bra tops and skirts to seasonal denim pairings.

Want to know which shoes I'll be wearing with my matching sets this season? Cinderella shoes. Shop the clear Cinderella shoes that are making our feet feel like legit princesses.

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