3-Second Ways to Elevate Your Entire Outfit

Nicole Kliest

When you think of the perfect outfit what do you envision? A cohesive colour palette, perhaps. Maybe a few trend-forward elements thrown in for good measure. Definitely some well-fitted separates in the mix. What you likely don’t think about is an outfit that comes across as trying too hard or looking like it took a substantial amount of effort. After all, some of the most stylish women we know are as such thanks to their slightly insouciant aesthetics. That all said, what’s the secret to having an elevated outfit while remaining effortless? We believe it’s all to do with the small style tips that compose a great look. A subtle accessory rotated in, a colour combination that feels unexpected, a fresh layering trick—it really is as easy as it sounds. To illustrate our point we rounded up 10 3-second ways to elevate your entire outfit. Scroll down to see what we found and shop our picks to test drive the ideas yourself.

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