8 Halloween Costumes That Only Require One Piece

Amanda Stavropoulos

Halloween is fast approaching, and if getting dressed up in a costume you've planned for three months (like Heidi Klum) isn't your jam (honestly, who has the time?), then you've come to the right place. We prefer to spend our time planning out our week day looks, so for Halloween, we need a quick solution that does the job, and still looks cool. 

Our method? Add just one piece to your look, to make it Halloween-ready. You just need to get a little creative, and be ready with a response when someone asks "what are you dressed as?". 

Look to some of your favourite movies, and think, what was the main characters' signature piece? Chances are you already have the majority of the pieces in your wardrobe, and you'll only need one signature item to make the look. Or, you can think about your costume more literally, like a 'robot', and just pick an accessory that is the costume. Confused? Click through, and it'll all make sense.

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