You Wear Sneakers Every Week, Here’s How to Make Them Feel New Again

Bobby Schuessler

We don’t really need to sit here and discuss the importance of the perfect pair of sneakers. Let’s just cut to the chase. As a fashion person—actually, a person in general—you find sneakers (whether it’s a hype style, a classic iteration, or an athletic pair) are undoubtedly the one footwear staple in your closet that actually gets you through life.

With the wide array of silhouettes out there, you can basically find a pair of trainers to go anything you’re wearing to stay cool and comfortable all day long. But we get it: You may have a go-to sneaker uniform that’s starting to feel a bit uninspired. To that, we culled through images of the street elite to uncover new and creative ways to wear the sneakers you wear every week. Keep scrolling to find your new look and to shop the kicks of the moment as well.

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