The Perfect Dress Style to Wear With Jeans

Michelle Scanga

If you’re anything like us, denim is a huge part of your outfit rotation, which means you’ll need a plethora of denim looks to get you through the season. One of our favourite items to wear with (well, layered over) jeans is a breezy dress. The pairing may seem a little unexpected, but when worn the right way, it looks incredibly stylish. Today we’re sharing the secret (aka the best dress style you need) to pull off the look. If you’ve yet to figure out how to wear a dress with jeans, it’s probably because you’re wearing the wrong dress style. To successfully pull off the layered look, we suggest opting for a loose dress silhouette with some sort of a slit. Both details are key to comfortably wearing a dress over jeans. See the proof below.

Find out how to wear a dress with jeans below.

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