The Best Summer Shoes for Your Feet, According to a Harvard Doctor

Allyson Payer

We're not ones to disagree with anything a Harvard doctor has to say, and that includes foot health recommendations. In a recent interview for Footwear News, Casey Kerrigan, MD, (who also has her own athleisure shoe line) waxed poetic on the damage that high heels do on your knees (it's bleak), the importance of foot health, and shoe shopping tips. But since the light at the end of the long wintery tunnel is finally near, we currently have spring and summer footwear on the brain, which Kerrigan also touched on. When asked how to promote summer foot health, she said, "Pedicures. And, what’s really wonderful is having good air exposure. I’m a huge proponent of wearing sandals. That’s why we developed a sandal line."

Sandals for summer may not seem very groundbreaking, but we're pleased that even though they're not always the most supportive shoe style, they're good for our feet regardless. Shop a few of our favourite breathable summer sandals below.

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