Charles Anastase Paneled Skirt

Let us start off by saying there is a method to our D.I.Y. madness! Sure, making a mini skirt in the dead of winter might seem like an odd assignment, but let's not forget you can wear this piece layered over tights or even leather leggings for a cool downtown look. Plus, this isn't your average mini! Inspired by Charles Anastase's schoolgirl dresses ornamented with 3D, shingle-like panels, this skirt adds just the right amount of texture to your cold-weather ensembles, which, as you've probably noticed by now, can get a bit dreary this time of year. Even better, this skirt is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that transitions well into spring too. Just one more reason to get in touch with your artistic side and start breaking out those craft tools today!

Since your Who What Wear editors have never claimed to be expert crafters, we reached out to our D.I.Y. guru, Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This, to help guide the way and show us how to make our very own Charles Anastase-inspired skirt. As expected, the process was not only fun, but a cinch too, resulting in a fantastic showpiece fit for a modern fashion girl! Without further adieu, we bring you this month's Do It Yourself story.-Jessica Baker


-Sparkle & Fade Micro Mini Skirt ($20)
- 1 yard Craft Felt Fabric ($4.85/yard) for each colour (Olive Green, Cocoa Brown, Dark Grey, and Antique White)
-Collins Unique Stitch Fabric Glue ($5)
-Beadsmith Leather Hole Punch ($14)


1. Pick out three to four different colours of felt material in a family of tones that complement and accent one another. For this project, we used Olive Green, Cocoa Brown, Dark Grey, and Antique White.

2. Using the fabric scissors, cut rectangles from the felt in a range of different sizes. The amount of pieces you cut out will vary depending on the size of the skirt. Our rectangles varied from 3 inches to 6 inches. (Note: you can also get creative and cut shapes with scalloped edges, which will add more dimension and movement to the skirt.)

3. Use a fabric hole punch to create extra detail in each felt piece.

4. Once you have cut out all of the felt rectangles, place them on your skirt in a haphazard pattern to your liking. Start at the bottom of the skirt along the hemline, overlapping as you move up the skirt, making sure to completely cover the front. You'll want to create your complete pattern before starting to glue.

5. After you're satisfied with the placement, glue felt pieces directly onto the skirt using fabric glue. Hold each piece in place for a few seconds to secure. Let skirt dry completely on flat surface for approximately an hour before wearing.

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