Here's What Really Happens When You're Backstage at Dior

Adrianna Barrionuevo

Are Kendall and Gigi snapping selfies? How many seamstresses are on hand making last minute adjustments? These are just a couple of questions that run through our mind when we think of what could be going on backstage before models hit the runway. Thanks to Dior, we're being treated to a glimpse into what actually happened before the fashion house showed its Spring Summer 2017 Haute Couture collection—and we're quite surprised.

Among the chaos of hair and makeup stations was Dior's resident "Fortune Teller" Zoltar, a machine that dispersed cards outlining their fates. A slew of curious models dashed over in the midst of prepping for the show to pull out a card—"I don't believe it!," said one sceptical model, giggling—and were quickly spooked when Zoltar began speaking, calling a few by their first names to grab a fortune. Who would have thought Dior models had such a quirky ritual before hitting a major haute couture runway? 

Check out the adorable video to see the Dior models react to the surprising backstage fixture.



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Opening Image: @ruthnotmay

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