See What Rihanna, Olivia Palermo, The Moss Sisters and More Wore to Dior

Nicole Akhtarzad

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If attending Paris Fashion Week in person wasn’t in the cards for you this season (fair enough), there are still countless ways to get in on the action. The fastest undoubtedly is the live streams, which let you see the shows unfold as they’re happening. To view all the looks from the Dior’s A/W 17 runway at the same time as the showgoers, be sure to catch it here at 8:30 a.m. EST. If it’s anything like the design house’s past shows, you can expect earth-shattering looks, a preview of next autumn's best red carpet gowns, and, of course, something unexpected à la last year's “We Should All Be Feminist” T-shirts. And not to worry—if you’re unable to catch it live, you can still check back here later for both the video and a gallery with all the show’s looks.

Scroll down for the Dior A/W 17 show!

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