7 Things I Never Knew About Engagement Ring Diamonds

Aemilia Madden


Let's get one thing out of the way first: I'm not engaged or soon to be. But, that doesn't mean I don't have a thing for diamond rings (because hey, a girl can dream). So, when I had the chance to learn about where diamonds come from, I jumped at the chance. I travelled with Forevermark to Botswana where I visited the world's richest diamond mine (where a mind-boggling 15 million carats a year are extracted), Jwaneng Mine, in Botswana. 

While you may envision a deep dark cave, instead, we visited a large pit mine where trucks the size of a house carted diamond-filled dirt away to be processed. In addition, I had the chance to visit cutting and polishing facilities for Forevermark, where I learned about the process of creating an engagement ring diamond from start to finish

Along the way, I was surprised (and impressed) to learn about everything that goes into the sparkly stone on your finger. Below, I'm sharing seven things that totally surprised me, and will likely surprise you too.

Check it all out below! 

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