I Don't Own a Yacht, But It Looks Like I Should in These Bikinis


c/o Gil Rodriguez

My summer is looking a bit different this year: I don't have any international getaways planned, all of my group trips are on hiatus, and now my patio has become my source of capturing that vacation feeling. As I sit on my outdoor chairs and sip on a homemade (and poorly mixed) cocktail, in my mind it's an Aperol Spritz and I'm aboard a yacht along the pastel shores of the Amalfi Coast. It's a bit of a stretch, and a long way from anywhere in Italy, but what's been helping me at least transport there mentally, is wearing a chic designer bikini.

As much as I love a good bargain, even I succumb to the beauty of a designer swimsuit. From the luxurious-looking fabrics to the one-of-a-kind details, it's really hard to pass up a fancy bikini when the design is right. Right now, I've been loving brands like Mara Hoffman and Oseree who really bring it with their prints and fabric choices. Even if I don't make it to the beach, my swimsuit will surely spark some joy.  Below, I'm presenting 25 bikinis that really bring it with the luxury vibes. You may not own a yacht just yet, but wearing one of these, you'll certainly feel like you do. Keep scrolling to check them all out.

A balconette bra can help create the illusion of a lifted bust.

Shop the matching Classic Bikini Briefs ($108).

Flossing tops are a big bikini trend taking over this year.

Shop the matching Mileey Rope Bikini Briefs ($135).

This jewel-toned pink looks so luxurious.

Get some extra use out of your designer bikini tops and wear them with jeans.

Shop the matching Lydia Bikini Briefs ($189).

I'm always a sucker for an artsy abstract print.

Logo mania continues its stronghold.

Shop the matching Roman Collage Bikini Bottom ($50).

The designer makes more than cool sweatsuits and edgy tops. Her swim collection is really worth an extra look.

Shop the matching Printed Bikini Briefs ($85).

This Ganni print was already a favorite of mine this season, so imagine my shock when I found out its also featured on a bikini.

Emilio Pucci prints will forever be a timeless classic.

Shop the matching High-rise Gingham Bikini Briefs ($85).

The one-shoulder underwire top is super unique. 

This almost feels too fancy to wear in the water, but I'll do it anyway.

Shop the matching Isla Margarita Bikni Briefs ($98).

Gil Rodriguez is a master at creating figure-hugging pieces that mold to your every curve.

This print brings instantly joy to my face.

Shop the matching Riley Bikini Bottom ($148).

It's taking everything in me not to buy five Cult Gaia swimsuits. They're that good.

I mean, come on, how incredible is this bikini?

The subtle approach to sporting logos.

Shop the matching Harper High-Rise Bikini Briefs ($138).

This is sweet, without feeling overly juvenile.

Shop the matching Medusa Charm Bikini Bottoms ($395).

There's something that feels very Bond girl about this.

Shop the matching Odessa Bikini Briefs ($185).

I'm already a huge fan of Christopher Esber's ready-to-wear collection, and the designer's swimwear line is equally modern.

Shop the matching Joni Ruched Satin Briefs($110).

This is already en route to my mailbox.

Nothing like a dose of tangerine orange to brighten up a trip to the beach.

Shop the matching Bikini Briefs ($220).

The delicate pearl details are next level.

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