These Jeans Are OUT, According to Experts

Bobby Schuessler

You have a lot of choices when it comes to your denim selection. If you’re looking for the perfect casual Friday look, you can go for dark skinnies, cropped flares, denim culottes, and so on. Ideal weekend look? Perhaps that’s when you opt for boyfriend jeans or a distressed straight-leg find. Well, while you should wear whatever you love and feel most comfortable in, there are certain styles that are more forward than others for these different occasions.

To help fill us in on the jean styles that are in and out as we head into the new season, we tapped some of our favourite denim brand experts to spill. You may be surprised by some of their picks—and totally may agree with others.

Keep scrolling to check out the denim picks you should test and avoid right now. Plus, shop some of the best jeans of the moment, too. It’s time to find your perfect pair.

Opening Image: Style du Monde

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