5 New Trends Everyone Will Wear With Jeans Next Year

Michelle Scanga

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Jeans, jeans, jeans. The seasonless staple is one of our favourite topics to discuss. Recently we shared the top new styles that debuted this month from a handful of classic brands in our denim docket. Today we’re slightly switching gears and focusing on the seasonal pieces to wear with your go-to jeans in the New Year. We’re breaking down the items that will make your denim outfits feel perfectly on-trend and fresh for 2019. If you wear your jeans on rotation as we do, then you’ll find the below trends very helpful when crafting new denim outfits.

While we’re calling out denim as the key styling pieces for these top five trends, it’s worth noting you’re not limited to jeans-only outfits here, and each on-trend piece has potential to gain solid mileage in your wardrobe in 2019. The pieces are among the season’s coolest trends, and we’ve shopped out each look at a variety of price tags. Ahead you’ll meet the new trends everyone will wear with jeans (and more) next year.

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